The summer center: directly from Hogwarts

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Nizza Monferrato (Italy). The Summer Center of the Municipality of Nizza M. in collaboration with the Institute "Our Lady of Grace", arrived at its third week, with the climax of the "midsummer party", held in Piazza Martiri di Alessandria in the presence of a warm and cheering audience. The young actors, dancers, and singers performed accompanied by their fantastic animators offering their best, amid the applause of those present.

The Summer Center has the setting of Hogwarts as its environment and just as in the magic school, tasks were carried out, experimented in workshops (theater, dance, bricolage, set design, singing, cooking, ...), a magic show and juggling by the animators Stefano Ilari and Enrico Scarrone. Field trips were taken in the territory, including the Bersano Museum of Contadinerie and Prints on Wine. Forminlife volunteers made a precious intervention, the association is responsible for promoting lifesaving maneuvers, health information, and the culture of rescue, which not only explained concepts to us, but have made us have, through the use of mannequins, a simulation of realistic experiences.

It was also an opportunity to meet different people such as the children of the Summer Center of the Salesians of Venaria Reale who came to Nizza M. on a trip, the children from the summer centers of the diocese who participated in the diocesan day of summer camps in our oratory; the Guests of CISA, who welcomed us warmly to St. Joseph and where we could offer a small taste of our show. There were many volunteers who enriched the experience in addition to the sisters and the animators: Olga Lavagnino who made us the precious cloaks that compete with those of the saga; Pier Rita Mida who helped us with our tasks; Giusi Provenzano who assisted the animators in the kitchen workshop with delicious recipes; Silvia Stanchi who brought us closer to the knowledge of soil science, making us also find numerous fossils; Andrea Marchelli who illustrates the transition from sand to mobile, and finally Giulia Stella who illustrates the biology of DNA.

The figure of Carlo Acutis was close to us, always accompanying us also through the exhibit he made on the Eucharistic miracles.

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