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Quito (Ecuador). On August 23 to 30, 2017, Mary Help of Christians Spirituality House in Sacred Heart Province (ECU) hosted the formation meeting on Development Offices animated by Sr. Vilma Tallone, Economer General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians; Sr. Cristina Camia, collaborator in the Administration Department; and Mr. Guido Barbera, VIDES President and expert in project management.

Participating in the meeting were the FMA of the Antilles Provinces (ANT); the four Provinces of Colombia (CMA, CMM, CBN, CBC), Argentina (ABB); the two Provinces of Mexico (MME, MMO); Southern Central America (CAR); Peru (PER); Haiti (HAI); Paraguay (PAR); Chile (CIL) and Ecuador (ECU).

After the welcome greeting by the Provincial of Ecuador, Sr. Beatriz Navarro, Sr. Cruz María Pelaez, Provincial Economer of Ecuador, invited every one of the participants to give a short presentation of their Province.

After greeting the participants, Sr. Vilma presented her experience, expectations, and work perspectives of the Development Office, a mission that is carried out together with a team of lay and FMA collaborators.

The meeting was based on Church and charismatic documents and focused on a planning mentality. The goal of the Development Office was presented in the light of the Encyclical Caritas in veritate (11, 16, and 17). Among the characteristics of a Development Office, sustainability was emphasized as the wealth that changes life. Economic, social, environmental, and institutional sustainability were also spoken about.

It was highlighted that in the process, it is important to be attentive so that in the face of challenges, there will not be errors relative to:

  • Pursuing objectives of efficiency and professionalism at any cost
  • Considering that good will is enough; that management may suffocate the charism
  • Networking can compromise the charism and values

In this atmosphere of newness, Don Bosco motivates and says that we must choose love for poverty and unlimited trust in Providence.

At the conclusion, Sr. Cristina Camia reviewed the expectations that each participant has and then Sr. Vilma ended by inviting all present to share with each other more, to feel they are Institute. She expressed the wish that the whole encounter would be the occasion for a broader vision on the needs of today and to be with the young, missionaries of hope and of joy.

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  • Sor Marleny CMM9/7/2017 2:10:21 AMViva Jesús sor Vilma y Hermanas participantes, gracias por tan maravilloso encuentro. Sor Ángela Lucía vino muy contenta y animada por los objetivos alcanzados y la motivación a seguir trabajando con alegría y audacia en la formación de niños y Jóvenes, de manera especial los más necesitados. Estamos llamadas a mirar con esperanza la sostenibilidad, como una riqueza que cambia la vida y hace crecer a las personas.
  • Sor Rosa Molina Ecuador9/6/2017 2:00:47 AMGracias Sor Vilma y equipo de trabajo por animarnos a "ensanchar la mirada a las necesidades de hoy". Que Dios y nuestra Madre Auxiliadora, fecundice la labor en cada Inspectoria
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