Bombay: Woman’s Festival 2017

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Bombay (India). On April 8-10, 2017, the Development Society ‘Sahayini’ NGO, which carries out activities for the empowerment of women in St. Mary Mazzarello Province of Bombay (INB) organized a Women’s Festival for the rural and tribal villages.

The Festival occurred over three days and alternated times of prayer with creative technical sessions on the theme: Women and Peace. In the evening, there was the proposal of a Peace Rally, viewing of the film Parched, discussion with the participation of the Director, and other times of theatrical and musical entertainment.

The culminating point of the Festival was the Recognition Ceremony for the dedicated work carried out by Sr. Aruna Castellino, FMA and Sr. Phyllis Fernandez, FMA, chosen as examples of the “Empowerment of Women”.

The Provincial, Sr. Ritha Dora Thomas, told the many women who participated: “I pray that awareness will grow everywhere of your capacity to promote peace in society and to become more and more, women artisans of communion”.


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