7th Salesian Cooperator Conference India

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On October 29-30, 2016, ‘Lurshai FMA Outreach’ in Bellefonte, Shillong, hosted the 7th Conference of Salesian Cooperators in the northern zone of the provinces of Guwahati, Dimapur, Kolkata, Shillong, and Dimapur. The theme of the Conference was, ‘Formation, a journey toward fullness’.

Sr. Christina Kharkongor, FMA, Delegate for the Salesian Cooperators, welcomed the delegates. A song of greeting was sung by the FMA Junior Professed Sisters which made the environment welcoming and familiar. In invoking the presence of God, a lamp was lit by Fr. George Maliekal, SDB Provincial; Fr. Noel Maddhhichetty, national delegate of the Salesian Family; Fr. Philip Barjo, Provincial Delegate; Mr. Mario Kharkongor, coordinator of the North zone of Salesian Cooperators; and Sr. Gemima Pohrmen, animator of “FMA Outreach”.

Fr. Noel Maddhichetty invited all those present to reinforce the Salesian charism that was planted by the pioneer missionaries and to pass down the spirit of Don Bosco to the young generations.
Fr. Goerge Maliekal, praised the works of the Salesians of Northeast Shillong that was the first missionary center. He encouraged the participants to seek to carry on the work of the holy Founder for poor abandoned youth.

The work sessions concentrated on the search for guidelines for the formation of Salesian Cooperators. The five chapters of formation and their various aspects were studied and deepened in the two days. The presenters, Fr. Noel Maddhichetty, Fr. Philip Barjo, and the Salesian Cooperator, D. S. Antuvan, World Councilor for South Asia made the reflections interesting and fruitful.
On the second day, the Provincial of Shillong, Sr. Isabella Suja FMA gave her message to the participants reminding them that to be a Salesian Cooperator is a call from God and exhorted them to be involved in the apostolic work among the young.

The climax of the encounter was the individualization of some priorities to choose for planning.
Fr. Noel Maddhichetty presented the mandate of the mission of the Salesian Family and the priorities traced out by the Conference of the Salesian Family Major Superiors (SFCMS) to facilitate the work.

Some priorities were individuated: the creation of a Data Base of Salesian Cooperators for communication and efficient animation; the diffusion of the guidelines for the formation of the Salesian Cooperator; attention to family pastoral, reflection and study of the Apostolic Exhortation
"Amoris laetitia"; partnership with the Salesian Family in the pastoral of youth migrants.

Three new members of the Salesian Cooperators Association coming from Upper Shillong Center made their first promise at the conclusion of the Eucharist. The site for the next annual Conference will be at Dimapur.

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