A Musical Evening of Mercy

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In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, on September 25, 2016, a musical evening entitled “Singing the Mercy of the Lord”, was organised by Sr. Hilda Braganza, animator of the “Mazzarello” Youth Centre and co-ordinator of social communications in India, together with her team at Wadala, Mumbai in the Province of Bombay (INB).
Taking part in the evening was Fr. Leon Cruz, the Pope’s “Ambassador of Mercy”, together with the “Band of Mercy”, composed of enthusiastic and capable young musicians.
The programme started with the projection of a film on the life of the saintly Mother Teresa of Calcutta, recently canonised. It made one think of how much good can be done where there is the will.

The postulants and candidates invoked the blessing of God with a prayer dance. Sr. Melissa D'Souza, director of the “Mazzarello Academy” then introduced the theme of the evening.
The first songs played by the “Band of Mercy”, were sung chorally by all present. These were followed by the song “God watch over us”, sung by the postulants and candidates. After this came the testimony of Mrs. Rita More, who told of her experience of undergoing a dozen operations as a result of an accident and having spent a long time in hospital. It was touching to hear how she met God through the many doctors who cared for her, and how she praised the Lord even in this terrible experience.

The musical contributions of the Choir of Marathi, with Jacinta Gracias, that of the postulants, the Konkani choir of Esperanca Rebello and her family of musicians and singers, and the Salesian Sisters choir, all helped to interiorise what they heard, which included some video-clips with questions for reflection, and made it easier for the audience to listen.

At the end, all were given sweets, chocolates and a small cross, the symbol of mercy. The Sisters thanked all those who had taken part, sharing their musical talents and those who had organised and contributed to making the musical evening of Mercy such a special event.

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