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On July 1-8, 2016, Don Bosco Image Center hosted a course of visual communication for the FMA of the Indian Interprovincial Conference (PCI). Twenty FMA had the opportunity to participate in the course organized by the Rev. P. Jiji Kalavanal SDB, director of Don Bosco Image Center with his team of experts of the means of visual communication.

The goal was to prepare the FMA to manage information on-line: use of the telecamera (types of framing, angulations and effects), video montage, preparation of films; utilization of some programs, for example Premier. One day was dedicated to photography experience. They went to the Shrine of Vallapadathumatha and the Shrine of St. George.

Then they carried out projection and publication activities, the use of Photoshop, Indesign, and other programs relative to this software for the preparation of notices, newsletters, and other information services. It was a very useful and fruitful experience of fraternal joy and solidarity. There was a time of reciprocal knowledge lived in the family spirit. Learning and updating are essential for utilizing the media with serenity and responsibility at the service of the educative mission.

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