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On July 7, 2016 the FMA missionary house on the periphery of Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia was inaugurated in Morning Star Province (KOR). Sr. Adriana Bricchi, FMA, narrates the brief history of the work and of its foundation:

"July 30, 2016 was the long awaited day for the FMA missionaries in Mongolia! In 2007, Morning Star Korean Province celebrated 50 years. The Apostolic Nuncio of Korea and Mongolia at that time, Msgr. G. Battista Morandini, had invited and asked the FMA to open a mission in Mongolia.
There were preparations, expectations, desires for the mission, while the heart hid the difficulties that came up regarding this nation that were not easy from various aspects. But God's plans, even if they follow slow pace, are in the right direction and advance constantly. The nursery school began in 2013 and the elementary school followed in 2014.

However, the community has no right to live in the school buildings. National law does not permit this and prohibits the teaching of catechism in the school and even use of the classrooms to carry out assistance and missionary activities. The circumstances call for another house.

In the meantime, General Councilors came to visit: Sr. Alaide Deretti, Sr. Vilma Tallone, Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil. Everyone likes the mission and a decision is taken: at a distance of five minutes on foot from the school, there is land available to realize our missionary dreams. We try to open all the 'doors': permissions from the Center of our Institute, bureaucratic, preventive permissions, the needed funds. Many times the 'works' are annulled, corrected, renewed, delayed. Only God knows the web of attempts, sometimes disappointing and humanly incomprehensible. The generosity of the Welfare Agencies, benefactors, and of the Province were, with God's grace, support and encouragement...and the house dreamed of is a reality today.

On the morning of July 7, 2016, Bishop Wenceslao Padilla; the Provincial, Sr. Silvia Choi; the Salesian Delegate, Fr. Andreus Trung; confreres; missionaries; the community of 6 FMA in Mongolia with Sr. Adriana Bricchi; the Ambassador of India; the teachers of the school; friends; and benefactors from Korea, along with about 200 hundred people gathered in joy and gratitude to God who brought about this house, residence of the FMA missionaries, the trampoline of good for this marvelous area in continual growth, the periphery of Ulaan Baatar that is called Orbit. This blest house is called "Nomiin Yos Center", that in Mongolian means "Center of the ethic of knowledge" (as per advice of the Government).

Yes, the 6 FMA Missionaries present, and those who will come, will teach with their life and word, 'true knowledge', offering the possibility of growth to the children and young people of the area; they will help the mothers know how to educate their children well; and sharing the poverty of their neighbors to bring them as close to God as possible.

From "Nomiin Yos Center", our gaze joyfully widens on the Orbit region, a grandiose garden of 'gher' (the typical home of Mongolia) and the huts graciously stretched out at the corner of the valley with a continual 'blossoming' of small habitations, cradles for many children of God and a promising field for the FMA".

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