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On June 28 to July 2, 2016, the meeting of the Italian National YP Extended Commission was held at Torre Annunziata, Naples in the southern Province of Our Lady of Good Counsel (IMR) at Villa Tiberiade Spirituality House. It was organized by the Italian Interprovincial Conference (CII).

In the natural beauty of Villa Tiberiade, Naples, the national Youth Pastoral Commission (PG) cannot but define itself as 'extended' for various reasons, first among them is the number. For quite some time, the group of 7 YP Councillors meets with the national Delegates/Reference Persons of the Associations. This block of time is always lived with a greater awareness of the need to make dialogue between Pastoral and the Associations a style of life that allows the global pastoral face of the works to emerge.
In addition, the possibility of broadening sharing more and more is becoming the basis for an Italian Pastoral network, a place for greater participation of experiences, of journeys, of processes in progress in the various Italian Provinces.

"The social and cultural dimension of evangelization" is the golden thread beginning with Chapter 4 of Evangelii Gaudium and the Planning Orientations of CII 2016-2017, that have bound the various moments of the evaluation of the journey accomplished as a Commission in the pastoral year just concluded, to listening to the intervention Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik entitled, 'What if evangelization should ask us for a novelty in consecrated life?' held on December 21, 2015 at the Gregorian University in Rome.

The epochal changes we are living surely demand letting ourselves act; regenerating from within; going from the individual to the person with a mentality that is ever more in communion and a presence among the people and the Pope Francis continually urges us, not only with words but with gestures that speak of proximity and closeness.
The words that resonated in these days of formation and fraternity were the social dimension of evangelization; pastoral history to build and rebuild; formation; a mix of theories and practices; of pastoral and associative experiences to share.

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