Encounter that Forms and Transforms

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The Canonical visitation of the Visiting Councillor, Sr. Chantal Mukase, has concluded in the Pre -Province of Our Lady of the Cape in Canada (CND).
The visit of Sr. Chantal Mukase was an experience of an encounter that forms and transforms. There were various meetings with the members of the Provincial Council and the coordinators to share the mission and Salesian life of the five Province realities, in a festive, fraternal, and family atmosphere. Canada was a new experience for Sr. Chantal. The enthusiasm of the Sisters, their passion for the mission, their attentiveness to living the mandate of GC XXIII to be missionaries of joy and hope were motives for praise and gratitude for the beauty she experienced.

The themes the Visiting Councillor shared were: the Institute Vision; news of realities in the whole world; the challenge of vocations and of missionary zeal.
On May 17, there was the meeting of the Interprovincial Council of North America (Eastern United States, Western United States, and Canada – NAC) that was an enriching and fruitful sharing. On May 23, at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape, there was the Eucharistic Celebration as the expression of gratitude for the gift and meaningful presence of the Visiting Councillor.

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