Eternal is His Mercy

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There were about 70 young people of the Salesian Youth Movement - Lazio and Umbria, who gathered together to live the experience of the Spiritual Retreat in the house of Genzano, Rome from March 11-13, 2016.

The meditations on Mercy were guided by Fr. Francesco De Ruvo, SDB. The young people responded by participating fully through listening, prayer, discussion, and fraternity.
The dynamic of encountering the Lord was outlined by three verbs: seek, follow, and remain. Among the many proposals, they individuated the proposal capable of illumined seeking in a decisive way so as to discover the meaning of their own life, rediscover their own identity, and allow the emergence of a desire for things that are true and challenging. The experience of Reconciliation was central. Many young people received the Sacrament after a long time away and, in the sharing many expressed their joy at feeling themselves embraced by the Father, of finally returning home. Some said they lived a feast organized for them alone.

Psalm 135 was very meaningful for most of them insofar as they reread their own life history that made this certainty resound in them: "Eternal is His Mercy".

We encountered young people capable of listening to the Word, turning off their cell phones and opening themselves to relationship, both personal and group; young people of whom Don Bosco would say are able to go beyond, in depth, and those who want to go in depth have the right to receive proposals adequate to their needs.

Don Bosco's intuition was that of making what counts in the end understood and remaining with the Lord, beyond activities, initiatives, and of the thousand things we can do. For this reason, he invited them to find spaces that he considered vital. The young who participated in the Spiritual Retreat responded to what the Father of the Young dreamed for them.

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