To Be and Be for Each Other

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On March 1, 2016 the young university students of Rome Tre gathered at Sacred Heart Institute in Rome with Fr. Emanuel and Sr. Emilia.

It was only an informal encounter for the joy of knowing each other better and staying together. During the time of conviviality, fraternity is breathed and a beautiful family spirit atmosphere is created. Many unsaid questions emerge and some find a response, simply in our presence, in our being there for them, totally available.
The reciprocal presentation confirms this: everyone was found here by word of mouth, to gather together in the classrooms and corridors. The testimonies of young people open to volunteer work, to personal or faith journeys are very important for whoever listens and desires to live the same experience.

At the end of this time, the young are given a card with this written on it: "Education is a thing of the heart" and a heart shaped pendant so they can better interiorize such a meaningful affirmation.
After lunch, we go up the bell tower to see the magnificent statue of the Sacred Heart close by and the beautiful scene of spring time that Rome already offers.

We spent simple hours. We remained together in gratuity, living in joy, rediscovering that, principally, education is being and being for each other, more than doing. The messages that come from the young people on our cell phones seem to confirm this; a thank you because they felt good; a displeasure on the part of someone who could not participate; a wish to meet together again, simply to be together and give our dreams life!

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