Trees of the lord, bless the lord!

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In response to the call of Pope Francis to take care of our common home, in his encyclical "Laudato si'," the Association of Past Pupils of the FMA - Philippines joined other ecology advocates in reforestation efforts.

Last October 25, 2015, a total of 31 volunteers, including the novices and five FMA, went to plant trees at the Malabanban Watershed in San Pablo City, Laguna. This mountain has been an important water source for the city for a little over a hundred years. It is thus important and necessary to keep its forests replete with trees, whose roots help hold water.

Before the activity, Mr. Alejo Genove, the brother of one of the Sisters and a staunch ecological advocate, with his staff, met the group at the San Pablo Water District to brief them on the territorial beauty of the watershed and the surrounding seven lakes, which are among the tourist attractions of the province of Laguna.

The majority of the group was able to conquer the more than 1,500 cemented steps leading up the mountain to plant their tree seedlings along the way. With Mr. Genove as their guide, the volunteers also had the joy of visiting three of the seven lakes after the tree planting activity.

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