FMA sowing hope with the young

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On October 9-11, the International Meeting of Vides took place at the Salesianum in Rome. During these days, VIDES delegates at the European and Administrative Council levels, along with some young people participated. The presence of the honorary associates of VIDES: Salesian Co-operators, Pas-Pupil Association, Faculty of the Science of Education - Auxilium was very meaningful.

The question, "Do volunteers change reality or does reality change the volunteers" led us to question ourselves on various world scenarios that challenge VIDES as an international association of youth educative volunteers. What is the role of the young in society? The presenters offered points for reflection together on possible actions that foresee interventions in favour of the defence of the rights of every person. Society is continually threatened by violence, corruption, and social degradation. The young want to do something to change these situations. The VIDES proposal offers the young a space for action and protagonism that leads them to a change, not only personal, but of their place, to build a civilization of love.

The reports of the volunteer activities of all the VIDES groups scattered in the world showed how the young, with the FMA, are able to influence the social tapestry. There are activities, some apparently simple that enter into ordinary life, and others, instead, are very organized and have a strong impact on the area and are recognized by the local authorities. However, they all show that volunteers can change reality and ignite small lights of hope that brighten the difficult situations of our time.

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