Feast Together at BENGALI

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The Early Childhood School of 'BENGALI' in the Democratic Republic of Congo-Lubumbashi in Our Lady of Africa Province (AFC) closed its scholastic activities with the distribution of diplomas to the students and certificates for those beginning primary school. The ceremony took place on June 10, 11, and 12. The first day began with the solemn Eucharistic Celebration. On the following day, there was the ceremony of the distribution of certificates to the children going from the nursery school to the primary school. The duty of the teachers to educate evangelizing was stressed.
On the last day, there was a parade in which the parents, teachers, and children participated to the rhythm of the Kiro music. After this walk of about an hour through the streets of the city, everyone came into the school and enjoyed the children's presentations of songs and dances. Then there was a fashion show, a recital, and many little expressions of joy and gratitude for the year.

At the close, Sr. Petronilla Namwan, Superior of the community, accompanied by Sr. Julienne Musenga, Principal of the early childhood school distributed the diplomas.

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