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Buenos Aires (Argentina). A Seminar on "Edu-communication in the New Scenarios and Facing the Challenges of Contemporary Times" was held on March 15-18 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event was part of an inter-institutional project that is being carried out by CELAM, SIGNIS, and the FMA Institute. The proposal to identify the edu-communication focus that animates some of the various experiences in act in Latin America and in the Caribbean was reached through a methodology that included participation, involvement, and enrichment.
Time for sharing and research after discussing the proposals made by edu-communicators from Uruguay, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Equador, Peru, and Argentina brought about the identification of the edu-communication focus that animates the experiences present in those countries.
The participation of some FMA who have experience in the field of edu-communication in the Institute was very significant: Sr. Sara Cecilia Sierra presented "An Edu-communication Look at Patio 13", a pedagogy for chilren and young people in vulnerable situations, which she has been carrying out for more than ten years with the personnel of the MA Normal School of Copacabana, Columbia; Sr. Rosa Mollo shared "The Edu-communcation Methodology Prassi in the Salesian School" beginning with the expereince carried out for nine years at Barrios Altos, Peru; Sr. Tony Aldana presented the genesis and development of the "Proposal of the Communication Team of Latin America" (ECOSAM) and of the "Degree for the Formation of Latin American Edu-communicators", placing these experiences in the journey that FMA Institute has traveled to face the challenges of the new culture. Sr. Julia Arciniegas participated as the representative of the Communications Department and member of the Coordinating Commission for the Project.

The FMA present at the Seminar was purposely reduced in the numbers participating, but was highly meaningful for their quality. They thanked CELAM, represented by Dr. Susana Nin, and SIGNIS, in the person of Asunta Montoya, for the enriching opportunity to share this edu-communication partnership that will thereby have a broader repercussion in the educating communities of the Institute.

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