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The young volunteers of Vides International were at the FMA house in Bologna on February 21-22.
Vides International continued the formation journey of international volunteers for 2015, "Grow Together: Strategy for Peace". It received 28 young people coming from all of Italy and another four who, in past years, lived the volunteer experience: Marta in Brazil, Adelina in El Salvador, Paolo in Mexico, and Barbara in Ethiopia.

The two days were spent getting to know Vides International, its values, the educational and inter -cultural approaches that characterize it. The volunteers faced a variegated, multiform world but united in its intent to lead the young to be protagonists of their time, their future, and promote a society that is more equal and fraternal. For Vides, to educate through volunteering is precisely this: promote each one's resources to bring out all their potential and start them on active and responsible citizenship.

On Saturday, the group work was guided by Sr. Leonor Salazar on the elaboration of formation cards and then listening to some testimonies. The testimonies were diverse but they all highlighted the joy and awareness of being for others. Vides Volunteers is not only volunteering for 'doing' but also for 'being', being with the other, together with others, and sharing a part of the journey.

Dr. Sara Calì presented, the theme: "Mediation and Inter-culture" in an experiential way involving the young in an inter-cultural dialogue through role playing.

Sister Maria Grazia Caputo presented Vides as an opportunity for the defence and promotion of Human Rights. She recounted the experience of IIMA and Vides at the United Nations, telling of the Side-Event on 'the Empowerment of the Young' presented during the session of the Council of Human Rights in March 2014 in Geneva.

The encounter concluded with the testimony of Barbara on her experience in Ethiopia and Zway.

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