Bogotà (Colombia) Immagine correlata a CELAM Encounter – SIGNIS ALC –FMA INSTITUTE

Taking place since June 9 at Bogotá, in the See of the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM), is the encounter of representatives of three Institutes that have adopted the project, “Articulation of Educommunication in the Integral, Critical, and Compatible Development of Latin American and Caribbean Children and Adolescents”.

Present are Susana Nuin, Executive Secretary of the CELAM Communications Department; Carla Lima and Luca Pacheco, also representing CELAM; Asunta Montoya and Carlos Ferrero of SIGNIS ALC; Sr. Rosa Mollo, Sr. Sara Sierra, and Sr. Julia Arciniegas for the FMA Institute. The base group of the project has not only an inter-institutional character, but also an international one. The participants come from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Rome. After a period of communication using a variety of digital technologies, the group felt the need for a physical encounter for a wider sharing on various aspects to study and render operative.

This residential week in the CELAM See, allows them to live an intense ecclesial experience. The days of work flow with an educomunicative methodology that creates a climate of sharing and of collective building, as well as great cordiality and productivity in view of planning the project. The encounter concludes on June 14.

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