CIAM Encounter

Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) Immagine correlata a CIAM Encounter

The encounter of the Interprovincial Conference of Africa and Madagascar in preparation for General Chapter XXIII was held at Addis Abeba on April 28-30.
All the Provincials and Pre-Province Superiors of Africa and Madagascar and the GC delegates gathered together. The encounter was animated and accompanied by Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, General Councillor for the Salesian Family, who sent by Mother General.

The aim of the encounter was that of knowing and studying the Working Document in the light of some thematic nuclei of the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis, 'Joy of the Gospel". Sr. Paula Langa, the actual president of CIAM and member of the second commission for the drafting of the Working Document, presented a power point on the general structure of the document, pausing on some themes contained in the document.

Sr. Roberta Tomasi and Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda instead, compared the Document with 'Joy of the Gospel' and together animated periods of dialogue and comparison. Some challenges and guidelines for future effort were shared in a joyful family atmosphere. This opportunity of meeting together strengthened the missionary dimension of our vocation and sense of belonging to the Institute.

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