Formation Encounter on Edu-communication

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At CEL, the encounter on Edu-communication was held from January 10-12. It was prepared by the Communication Team made up by Sr. Marie Kuèerová fma, Fr. Libor V etula sdb and Ane ka Hesová ACS.

The aim of this encounter was to share with the Sisters the values and risks of the various means of communication, their influence on society, and how to use them for the educational mission. The meeting began with a simulation game in which the Sisters divided into groups and prepared a radio transmission on the organization of community life.

On January 11, the theme was studied with the possibility of learning how to use the means of communication in a critical way and furnish the necessary competencies to transmit life values to others. In fact, afternoon activities and workshops were prepared to choose from: video, face book, games.

The experience concluded with a practical test on the communication of values. The encounter was an opportunity for formation and for reinforcing the effort to be enthusiastic evangelizers of others through the media.

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