Empowerment of rural women in South Sudan and Honduras

The main topic

The main topic of this year's meeting is: "empowering the rural woman and her role in eradicating poverty, developments and new challenges". The issue is particularly burning in the light of the many challenges that women encounter, including the combination of the effects of global economic instability and climate change, both of which are elements that worsen poverty and increase the difficulties which rural women face. In spite of the many problems, women who work the land remain the experts on the problems and needs of the communities. For this reason, women have started to organise themselves to seek and implement solutions to the challenges faced. Thanks to the help of humanitarian organisations, they have united their determination and their organisational ability to their practical knowledge of natural resources and traditional agricultural methods, perfecting the availability of food, increasing agriculture and generating income.

This important 10 day event, besides bringing together the main representatives of the UN member states, also calls together numerous non-government organisations who work in this field, who will take part in conferences that will be organised in parallel with the congress, in order to give their contribution to the cause.

The FMA will also be present at the parallel events with a Side Event entitled: "Empowering of rural women in Honduras and South Sudan, characteristic activities, stories and testimonies of women". The event will be co-organised by IIMA (Istituto Internazionale Maria Ausiliatrice) and VIDES International with the support of the Salesian Missions.

The conference will take place on Wednesday February 29 from 18.15 to 19.45, at the Church Centre UN Building, 44 th Street and 1 st Avenue.

Among those present at the event will be Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, General Councillor for the Salesian Family, Sr. Leonar Salazar, general director of VIDES International and Sr. Gloria Rita James, consultant at the Salesian Family Sector.

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