Bologna: 31 volunteers from VIDES International for Peace and Education

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On February 18 and 19, 31 young volunteers, with an average age of 27-28, took part in the second formation meeting held at Bologna . The participants came from all regions of Italy and showed their desire and determination to commit themselves to support those who have less opportunities and to be "young people at the service of young people" as Don Bosco dreamed.

The goal was to strengthen the identity of the volunteer and his/her belonging to Vides through a combination of theory and practice, in genuine Vides style.

The encounter with Sr. Mariagrazia Caputo, responsible for the IIMA office of human rights in Geneva , was one of the most precious formative moments. Besides arousing great interest with her intervention entitled "Relationship between volunteering and peace: Vides educators for Human Rights", Sr. Mariagrazia shared her experience in the area of the promoting human rights in the place where decisions are taken.

Promoting human rights, intercultural dialogue and educational volunteering were some of the topics dealt with by the volunteers during this formation session. Sr. Leonor Salazar, Director of Vides International, also took part, as well as Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, FMA General Councillor for the Salesian Family, who exhorted the young people to make volunteering a way of life.

The formation meeting represented a further step in the journey of Vides, which has always supported young people who decide to make their life a gift, aware of the fact that "one tree falling makes more noise than a whole forest growing".

There will be another meeting for the volunteers in Rome on April 28 and 29, which will prepare them for practical experience.

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