The new book about Sr. Maria Domenica Mazzarello in Slovene

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Ljubljana (Slovenia). About two years ago, some FMA were desirous of making the story of Mother Mazzarello known. Almost by chance they asked a young woman to write her life. Karmen Jenič, a teacher of the Slovene language. For some years she has been collaborating with the FMA in the group animation of young people and in the field of communications. She accepted the invitation to ‘write a few pages’ on the life of Mary Domenica.

There are 312 pages in the book. The book is hard to put down and one tends to read it in one sitting. Karmen Jenič dedicated herself to its writing with enthusiasm. She read various historical books like the Cronistoria and Macono’s biography and she visited Mornese. At the beginning she did not know Italian, yet she researched the life of the saint and wrote it in updated language with words that are fresh and clear and with the icons of Salesian life today.

“Koliko je ura?” / “What time is it?” is the title of the book. For the author, it is an invitation to live each instant in love of God and of the young, like Mary Domenica.

It took two years of work to complete the book, published by the Salesian Salve Publications and added to the series that presents Salesian saints and spirituality. Thus we too add our mosaic tile to the Salesian Family. The FMA of Slovenia write, “We do not believe it is by chance, but a sign of divine tenderness that the book rolled off the presses exactly on June 24, 2011, the 60th anniversary of the beatification of Mary Domenica Mazzarello.”

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  • Quiteria Rosa9/29/2011 10:00:00 PMQue lindo!Mais uma riqueza literí¡ria para as FMA!Parabéns e obrigada querida Karmem!Que nossa linda Madre acompanhe toda sua jornada!Estou anciosa para ler esta belissimo livro! Amei o tí­tulo! Que a Mãe Auxiliadora continue sendo presença em sua caminhada de leiga salesina!Parabéns e Obrigada pelo presente!
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