Formation Course on the Spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila

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The Sisters of the Madrid Province (SMA) provided a formative course on St. Teresa of Avila from August 7 to 9.

One of the journeys of conversion indicated by the Acts of General Chapter XXII was the importance of looking at our founders in order to live the charism with creative fidelity and the importance of deepening the spirituality of St. Francis of Sales and of St. Teresa of Avila, patroness of our Institute.

More than 70 sisters of the Madrid Province participated in a course of Teresian spirituality at Avila . The CITES, Teresian and St. John International Center, a very well known University of the Mystic, opened its doors to the FMA leading them to immerse themselves in the Book of the Life of St. Teresa, following her journey and illuminating life based on the experience of meeting 'We know the One who loves us'.

The one who helped the participants enter into the book of the Life of St. Teresa was Fr. Francisco Javier Sancho, Carmelite, doctor of spiritual theology, specialist on Edith Stein, and the actual director of the Teresian St. John International Center of Avila.

Through a journey into the works of the Saint, the participants were able to discover her journey of conversion that led her to know her own truth, fragile and poor...and the truth of God as the God of mercy. For all this, the only journey is prayer. It is prayer, as 'a way of friendship with the One we know loves us'.

The FMA of Madrid tell us that «It was a good opportunity for a greater and better commitment in our journey of prayer and an impulse to discover in ourselves and in our life, the love of God that we are called to witness and to offer to the children and young people to whom we are sent».

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  • Carlos Alberto Ruiz Carpio11/11/2020 2:35:17 PMMaria Del Pilar Andrés Vela : Muy sorprendido, ante la posibilidad de que seas: “ la chica soriana de la calle Teruel, que tuve la suerte de conocer ”, si así fuera, mi alegría y emoción por tu felicidad, en la renovación de votos del año 2010. Si no eres la persona a la que me refiero, ruego acepte mis más sinceras disculpas, por mi atrevimiento, al escribirle estas letras. Mi más sincero afecto:
  • Maria del Pilar Andres Vela9/2/2010 10:00:00 PMHe tenido la dicha de participar en el Curso de formaciòn sobre la espiritualidad teresiana en Agosto 2010, en la Universidad de la Mistica de Avila. Despues de renovar mis votos en las Bodas de Diamante ha sido el mejor regalo recibido este año el reco
  • sr. Luigina9/1/2010 10:00:00 PMMi da gioia leggere questa esperienza realizzata dalle FMA spagnole. Sono Carmelitana ma il "primo amore" è stao Don Bosco.... Più leggo Teresa e più comprendo la vicinanza e la complementariettra queste due spiritualití . sr. Luigina
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