First course for a degree in Educommunication

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On November 17th the academic council of the University of San Paolo(USP) approved the creation of the course for a diploma in Educommunication. The proposal presented by the School of Communication and the Arts (ECA) obtained 67 votes in favor in a group composed of 86 voters.

This course has the intention of preparing professionals to respond to the requests from the field of formal education and also as a social practice that foresees the use of the technology of information and of languages of communication and the arts, with projects for educational communication.

The course also has the intention of forming educommunicators whose presence if already visible in the networks of public schools and in projects of the third sector where the commitment is in educational programs. The new course seeks to empower the action of these professionals and also the practice of those who, in the media of communication, especially newspapers, radio and TV transmitters, dedicate themselves to educational communication.

For Professor Ismar de Oliveira, one of the creators of this course who has often collaborated with the FMA on the theme of Educommunication, "the professionals of educommunication will be the cultural mediators, able in the analysis of the conjunction", and for this reason he course will attend to the need for interconnection between Communication and Education "proportioning the learning and use of technologies and the educational practices with the development of an educommunicaitonal and media plan for the construction of dialogue and for the production of awareness".

The course will begin in February of 2011.

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  • Ir. Maria José Souza12/6/2009 11:00:00 PMFiquei feliz com a notí­cia porque esta í¡rea da nossa missão é apaixonante e muito necesària. O Brasil tem feito progressos neste aspecto e precisa mesmo cintificar mais para que seja mais enriquecedor. Acredito na educação de mãos dadas com a co
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