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The magazine "Primavera Mundo Joven" is 30 years old!
Addressed to the world of adolescents, the Spanish language magazine came into being in Colombia, in the province of St.Mary Mazzarello, in Medellin as a response to the need for a formative magazine for the young people of the Latin American continent.

"Primavera mondo giovane" was promoted by the Institute of Mother Angela Vespa in 1950 as a means of cultural formation. It was a creative proposal, full of life and well-presented with pictures and short articles capable of transmitting the Salesian Spirit. The headquarters of the magazine were in the Milan Province, in the house of Via Bonvesin, and it was Sr. Franca Ramello who began this project. So as to be able to spread it as far as possible, some Sisters were called to Italy for the translations. First to arrive in Milan for the Spanish translations were Sr. Lila Henríquez and later Sr. Paula Helena Quintero. This lasted until 1975 when it was discerned that the expenses for the mailing to Latin America had become exorbitant.
In 1978 the publishing of Primavera in Spanish began in Colombia. It was Sr. Lila who was entrusted with this project and she utilized the experience she had in Italy. She brought her enthusiasm and optimism to the work for 12 years and the number of subscriptions rose to 9,000.
In 1991 Sr. Marta Helena Mejía succeeded Sr. Lila. With her there was undertaken the work of redimensioning and a new editorial format.

In 2006 the magazine had a new change of direction assumed by Sr. Yolima Posada Perdomo . We asked her a few questions asking her to help us to see close up the world of the magazine Primavera.

Infonline: Which are the aims of the Magazine?
Sr. Yolima: First of all we need to say that Primavera is a magazine directed to young people, and by young people I do not mean simply that of an age or a phase of life, but a form of being, a collection of habits, conversations, and images because youth is a culture within a culture. For this reason, through the publication we want to offer information, formation and entertainment through an alternative reading with timely content that is meaningful and creative, taking into account that today young people prefer music to information and what is informal to what is structured and this is not superficiality, but sensitivity to another way of producing a social sense and giving meaning to one's own life. Here we deal with seeking a balance and knowing how to present content.
The specific aims that we propose to reach are those of offering captivating and formative reading that help in knowing how to critically choose in the face of value discrepancies; of offering educational messages that form one to the good use of free time; of giving an impulse, through good press, to values, culture and knowledge.

Infonline: How many people are on the editorial board?
Sr. Yolima: It is important to emphasize that behind the edition of the Magazine there is a whole team that work to give quality to the publication. Laura Cristina Castro, a journalist, and I are those responsible for the planning, editing and revision of the content. Three FMA have assumed the editing of three sections of the magazine. Sr. Angela Valencia Do it yourself, Sr. Natalia Álvarez, It Pays to be, and Sr. Paula Arango, Click.
In the same way, Isabel Alvarez, a young woman committed in the social aspect, collaborates with the section entitled Express yourself. Finally Mr., Uriel Hidalgo is the proofreader.

Infonline: How do you choose the content and maintain a lively dialogue with the readers ?
Sr. Yolima: The editorial offices of the Magazine are located in the Provincial House of the province of St. Mary Mazzarello in Medellin, headquarter also of a Secondary School. This location allows us to have daily , direct contact with the young people, their tastes, their problems, their worries and inclinations. I personally speak much with them and this helps me to choose content and the themes to deal with in the Magazine. Furthermore, many readers write to us via e-mail suggesting topics and telling us of their preoccupations. Others, instead, like to participate in the contests that the publication offers with the aim of winning CDs of their favorite artists.

Infonline: How many copies do you actually print ?
Sr. Yolima: Notwithstanding the fact that the magazine Primavera has also been touched by the worldwide economic crisis, we continue to count a good number of subscribers throughout the Nation. 14,400 copies are printed eight times a year and they arrive at 18 parts of Colombia, and a large number of centers that sell the publication. For this reason it is important to mention the apostolic enthusiasm of many Sisters from the four Colombian provinces who , without thinking of the weariness and struggle, promote the Magazine in schools and institutions.

Infonline: On a personal level, what has this experience given you?
Sr. Yolima: I have lived many beautiful times during these four years that I have been working on the Magazine, but the most important are seeing the passion, value and daring of an Institute that does not spare efforts to respond in an ever- greater and more improved way to the needs of the young people of our times. From Mother Angela Vespa, initial promoter of the journalistic undertaking of Primavera in Italy , and passing to Mother Dolores Acosta, Sr. Lila Henríquez, Sr. Martha Elena Mejía in Colombia, to arriving to our time there has been a continual seeking to commit oneself to the challenges that the world of the media launches to education and to the formation of young people .
On a personal level, I have had to sharpen my ears and heart to listen and to read, and to realize that at times not all is clear when faced by the need and cry of our young people.

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