Girl Genius, developing a sense of dignity in girls

Colorado Springs (U.S.A.)

Girl Genius, a new program for girls between the ages of 11-14 years and based on the writings of John Paul II regarding the feminine genius, is being implemented in Colorado Springs.
ENDOW (Education on the Nature and Dignity of Women) of the Archdiocese of Denver developed the program to introduce what John Paul II taught on the authentic dignity each woman has been given by God.
Girl Genius began in the Diocese of Colorado Springs in November 2008. The success of the initiative inspired another group of sessions for the spring semester for middle school age girls from grades 6-8. The study of the feminine genius, according to Sr. Theresa Jones, FMA who animates the sessions, helps the young ladies to better understand their nature, their own identity and their special role in society. Sr. Theresa entrusts all to Our Lady who is our mother, teacher, model, and guide.
"Girl Genius is a countercultural program," said Sr. Theresa, "firmly rooted in Sacred Scripture and Pope John Paul II's encyclical of on the dignity of woman and is essential and practical for today's pre-adolescents."
"In our culture," said 13 year old Marisa Wood, one of the students participating in the program, "there are so many images in magazines that show you how to be pretty and skinny and wear a lot of make up. In Girl Genius we learned that it's the inner beauty and dignity that really matter." Charlotte Meert, 14 years of age, emphasizes the cheerful aspect of the group that participates in the program. "It was nice getting together with other girls to talk about what is influencing us."

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