Meeting of young FMA of Madagascar

Ivato (Madagascar)

«A community is not a group of women who want to live together because they like one another, but a mysterious call of the Father who brings them together to imitate and manifest the life of the Holy Trinity. The essential of Religious life is founded on four pillars: union with God, the following of Christ through the vows, community life and the apostolate and they are all interdependent». This is the message that the retired Bishop of the diocese of Fianarantsoa Monsignor Philibert Randrimbololona left with the young FMA of Madagascar. During the meeting, which took place last month, the sisters who are less than 10 years professed, from the Pre-Province of Madagascar Maria sorgente di vita (MDG) had an opportunity for 3 days of reflection. Besides a period of evaluation, they had time to look at hopes and commitments for the future. Various themes were dealt with, ranging from the Strenna of the Rector Major, to reflection on the liturgical texts, and from the meaning of the prayer of the Office to inculturation of religious life in Madagascar, starting from the extract from Paul's first Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13, dealing with Charity.

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