Yankee day at Corpus Christi School

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On April 20th last the students of Corpus Christi School, had the joy of welcoming Ray Negron, manager of the Yankee baseball team. Students, teachers and parents were dressed as Yankees to welcome him. Ray Negron spoke to the hearts of the children, inviting them to make correct choices and telling them some important episodes from his own life. His life took a decisive turn when he met George Steinbrenner, owner of the team, who surprised Ray putting some graffiti on the walls of the Yankee Stadium. Steinbrenner suggested that he become a bat boy, a boy who helps to carry the bats for the game and telling him to stay clear of gangs and drugs. During his talk, Ray gave great emphasis to the value of true friendship, as well as getting a good education and staying close to God. Finally Ray Negron showed some films of the Yankee team and responded to the many questions of the children.
The pupils of the seventh and eighth grades shared some reflections on the book written by Ray Negron, Boy of Steel, in which he speaks of Michael Steel, who was suffering from brain cancer and got the opportunity of being a bat boy for a day.
This is how the children expressed their opinion of the book: «Your book touched our hearts. This story, full of hope and courage, has a message for all of us. It teaches us to keep trying in spite of difficulties. It inspires us never to abandon our goals, to live our dreams, never to give up. It makes us appreciate life and live every moment to the full. It reminds us that life is not always amusing and happy and that we have a responsibility towards those who suffer».
The students and their families had collected about $800 for associations that fight cancer. At the end, Ray Negron presented a copy of his book to every child and teacher.

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