Collaborate with us

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Send us news, photos, links to interesting sites and other material that you think could be useful to publish on our site.
You can send it to the following address:

Our aims in giving information are:

  • To strengthen the sense of belonging and unity in our Institute
  • To make the mission of our Institute known
  • To provide clear and complete information

Our editorial priorities are as follows:

  • The world of young people and their holistic education
  • Women and their promotion
  • The poor and marginalised
  • All those who have no voice

"Interactive in exchanging" news

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To bring about a greater circulation of life in our works throughout the world, it is good to spread our good news as much as possible.
Here are some simple hints on how to send us your contribution.
A complete news item usually contains these five elements:


This allows the reader to know the following information about any event:

  • Who was the protagonist of the event (the subject of the news)
  • What happened (the object of the news)
  • Where did it happen (place or environment of the news)
  • When did it happen (day, month and year)
  • The causes of the event (the why of the news)

To this we can add another element of the news, "HOW "?
The aspect of an event can often change because of ‘how’ it happened.
Naturally when news items are accompanied by photos, these follow the same criteria of information.